Why We Do It

The Oils

Ask anyone what an essential oil is and you’re bound to get some vague responses, all of which tend to revolve around aroma. The surprising truth is the average American consumes essential oils every single day. Whether distilled or extracted, essential oils are in your soaps, lotions, food, breath mints, even soda. Those 23 magical flavors in Dr. Pepper? Essential oils.

According to Veriditas founder, Melissa Farris, 99% of essential oils manufactured are made for the commercial food and fragrance industry. They sit on the shelves of your average grocery store. These essential oils, highly altered with chemical enhancers and preservatives, have been stripped of their healing benefits, reduced to flavor and texture. If you take a look at the numbers, this isn’t just an unfortunate practice; it is a threat to the environment.

The Earth

• 2,000 pounds of lavender flowers = one gallon of lavender oil.
• 2,000 pounds of oranges = 10 gallons of orange oil
• 5.5 million roses = 1 liter of rose oil. (That’s 30 rosebuds in EACH DROP of rose oil.)

With the above numbers in mind, take a moment to consider the land mass represented in these tiny 1 oz bottles. This is one of the reasons we at Veriditas speak so passionately about the importance of organic farming. As we harvest and consume this highly concentrated plant life, we need to protect and sustain the source.

The practice of organic farming considers our fragile environment and keeps organic plant life in its most natural state, from the farm to your home pharmacy. Unfortunately the protective and sustainable practices associated with organic farming are not the norm in this industry. Melissa believes that today, only .01% of the industry applies organic farming practices.

Veriditas is proud to be certified by Ecocert, an independent, environmentally conscious, international company which tests from the dirt to the bottle. We disclose our sources and methods in a world where that kind of information is often concealed – such is the quality of the product. This organic distinction is not only looking out for the planet, it’s also looking out for us. Essential oils, when harvested and produced organically, have the ability to play a vital role in our physical well being.

The Founder & Staff

Founder Melissa Farris lept into the world of essential oils in 1996. She started a company called Simplers – the first line of certified organic essential oils in the United States. Her business became very successful, easily spotted in natural food chain stores across the country. But with this success came frustrations and compromises. Melissa felt a desire to do business in a more personal way. She was eager to work with independent retailers and closely monitor the quality of a smaller production. She noticed that many customers who were buying her little bottles of “green truth” lacked the education to make proper use of them. Not only did she want to provide quality, she wanted to share her passion with a largely uninformed public. With a new direction clear in her mind, Melissa Farris sold Simplers, spent some time in the lavender fields of France, and launched Veriditas Botanicals from her hometown in Minnesota in 2002.

What is Pranarôm?

Pranarôm was founded in 1975 by Pierre Franchomme, a researcher and aromatherapist known for his innovative work in chemotype research. 

Dominique Baudoux has been running this Belgian research business since 1991. A pharmacist by training with a passion for essential oils, he has given Pranarôm its international outlook whilst retaining the initial aim of developing aromatherapy with the scientific rigour that the discipline deserves.
 As a result of the strict working methodology followed by its team, Pranarôm Intl S.A. forge itself as the leader in the field of scientific aromatherapy.

Pranarôm has a long relationship with Melissa. Their quality vision and business model are so similar to Veriditas that the two companies decided to merge (thus, “Veriditas by Pranarôm”). Both companies share the same dedication to organics and are founded on the basis of Education, focusing on French Medical Aromatherapy and a scientific approach to oils and their application. Read more about Pranarôm here.

As a result of the merger, nothing about our operation in MN changed – we just have new friends in Belgium! The Veriditas staff has grown through the years and remains a group of hardworking Minnesotans, passionate about essential oils and organic farming practices. Melissa continues as master formulator and international educator for Veriditas.