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Rose Regenerative Facial Oil

Dear Veriditas,testimonials-rose-regenerative-5ml

Your Rose Regenerative Oil oil has made a huge difference in the tone and texture of my skin, and I am telling everyone about it. I started out by using three drops every morning and every night with either plain olive oil or a moisturizing cream, and then went up to four drops because I was seeing results. I could feel a visceral reaction to it from my skin – like my skin was drinking it in and loving it, craving it. To sum it up, I would say I noticed a significant difference in 10 days of using it twice a day. This really surprised me because I have never used a facial product that made much of a difference. My cells jump for joy when I apply the Rose Regenerative Oil!

Jeanne — Minneapolis, MN

A Christmas Story

Dear Veriditas,testimonials-scar-rescue-5ml

I want to tell you about my Christmas miracle from using your product. In December, I was sprayed with hot oil from a deep fryer. I had first and second degree burns on the left side of my face, neck, arm, ear and chest. The staff at Lakewinds suggested using your Organic Scar Rescue. They told me that I would see a big change in two days. They were so right. My skin was almost completely healed within 2 weeks and after 8 weeks, I have no signs of scarring at all. Thank you for making such great products.

Cindy O’Brien — Minnetonka, MN

Scar Rescue

Dear Veriditas,

Thank you for your wonderful products! I am more than impressed with the Scar Rescue. I have been using it twice a day on some large scars on my neck caused by a Tracheostomy tube. So many people have recently commented on how the scars are becoming far less obvious, including my husband, who does not believe in natural medicines. He is totally impressed! I also used your Scar Rescue to prevent scaring from a dog bite earlier this year. It worked and we can’t see any sign of a scar! Thank you again! It’s the greatest!

Peggy Meisch — North Branch, MN

Men’s Deodorant


I love your men’s deodorant- it’s the beez balls. It makes me and all of my clothes smell like vetiver, and I love that s#%!

Isaac Brock –Portland OR

Women’s Deodorant

Dear Veriditas,

Just wanted to let you know I tried a few of your oils and absolutely love them! The deodorant is wonderful! To have something work as a deodorant but also to inhale that wonderful blend of oils is heavenly. I look forward to using it daily. Thanks for making such wonderful products. My next one to try is the facial oil…

Jan H. –St. Paul, MN

Wart Support

Dear Veriditas,testimonials-wart-support-5ml

I am a massage therapist, touch is my life, passion, and love! While I love the healing that I facilitate, sometimes I come in contact with elements (plantars warts) that clients don’t inform me of. One such case happened, I noticed a small wart forming on the top of my hand. Now, please understand that in the past when I’ve needed wart removal it has taken SEVERAL series of burning/freezing to deaden the virus. Well, once I started using the “wart treatment” (1drop/2xdaily) the wart was COMPLETELY VANISHED after 2 weeks, and, per the directions, I continued treatment one more week to ensure the virus was dead. THANK YOU VERIDITAS!!! This is truly a blend that anyone who touches feet should incorporate, both in use on clients & themselves.”

Massaging Maven — MPLS, MN

Essential Oil Quality

Dear Veriditas,testimonials-immunity-boost

I’m a student of Tanya Boigenzahn and she suggested your oils to me last fall. I have had amazing results with the ones I have tried. I also received excellent help from a Veriditas Botanicals representative at Lakewinds one day who suggested a variety of oils for my son who is away at college and had been struggling with a hacking cough and cold symptoms for several months. He took the oils in a suspension of organic olive oil and after a couple of days was considerably better and after a week, said he hadn’t felt this good in months.

I have been promoting your products to anyone and everyone. I mixed up little bottles for my sister, sister-in-law and best friend when all were dealing with similar winter illnesses as my son. I have no less than 15 bottles from the Rose Facial Oil (love, love, love) to the Immunity Boost that I use when I brush my skin before showering. I have Crohn’s Disease which can cause depressed immune systems but I have not had a cold or the flu or any illness this winter. Coincidence? I think not! I do love your products and would love to attend a workshop to gain more information on using them for both health and beauty. If you have an email list, please add me to it so I can be up to date on all things Veriditas Botanicals!

Lil –Minneapolis, MN

Helichrysum Essential Oil

[…]But the real star of the show during my pregnancy was the single oil, helichrysum. I rubbed a drop or two onto my growing belly once every morning and evening for the entire 9 months.As the pregnancy and subsequent weight gain marched on, I applied a drop or two to my arms and thighs as well. And after 85 lbs. of baby weight gain and lost and I have no stretch marks, NOT ONE.I like to think that I took good care of myself but pregnancy made me tired and not consider very many aspects of beauty or body maintenance. My skin stretched more than I ever thought possible but you’d never know it looking at me today and I really believe that your helichrysum was the golden ticket.

And I have you all to thank. I would NEVER have trusted another brand’s quality or honesty when applying an essential oil to my very pregnant stomach with my daughter growing just a thin layer of skin away.

Maybe it sounds like bragging to say that I can show off my stomach without hesitation and even surprise some with smooth, clear skin but for those with children there can be a certain amount of mourning for one’s pre-pregnancy body when stretch marks come into play. And there’s nothing wrong with embracing them, too. But I feel that I found a way around them. And that makes me really happy.

I will continue to recommend your line to any and everyone.

Thank you so much,
Renee Gherity

Happy With Vetiver

My Veriditas Testimonial:

I’ve been using Veriditas essential oils for about a year now, recommended by my aunt. We love every oil tried so far. My 3 kids even have fun helping decide which oil to diffuse daily. On a whim, I recently bought vetiver and started diffusing daily with other essential oils, usually a citrus or lavender. I have a very “active” mind and noticed that it made me feel calm and clear. Not wanting to read too much into it, I began researching the uses for vetiver. ADHD kept coming up. My 10 year old son Conor has been struggling in school with, among other things, ADHD and sensory processing, since first grade.

About 2 weeks after I first started diffusing the vetiver, I experimented with using topically on him before school. Soon, positive notes and awards began coming home from school. That week I had a conference scheduled with his general and special education teachers. Usually these conferences are somewhat stressful. This one was not! For the first time, I sat in awe as his teachers spent 30 minutes telling me all of the positive changes they’ve seen, especially in the previous 2 WEEKS. He was more focused, patient, calm, kind. They thought he started a new supplement. I mentioned that I had been diffusing vetiver and other oils and on occasion using topically. Neither of them have heard about essential oils before. They both exclaimed, “Keep doing it!” Now this still could have been a coincidence, maybe. So I began putting vetiver on Conor topically every morning before school, mixing with jojoba or lotion just to be sure his sensitive skin was safe.

A couple more weeks went by, he was doing so well. Then there were a few days I didn’t diffuse or put oils on him. His special ed teacher called me at lunchtime to let me know that Conor was very distracted and anxious. She noticed he didn’t have his oils on! She wanted me to know that I had just made them all believers in essential oils, especially vetiver. “We wouldn’t have believed it if we didn’t see it,” she said. She asked for more information, so that she can inform family and friends who have children with challenges like Conor. I gladly sent her to your website. Now, putting oils on is part of our morning routine!

Tiffany McAlerney
Hackettstown, NJ