Why Choose Veriditas

We believe that when we support small organic farms we are taking a revolutionary stand to promote healing of our bodies, the earth, and local economies. If organic land management and artisanal quality are important to you, support organic essential oils and discover the healing difference.

From farm to home pharmacy, our relationships are the cornerstone of our business.

  • We are the first essential oil line to embody the Co-op Trade Movement on every level of business and everyone we do business with.
  • We are the only essential oil line in the US that offers such a broad assortment of Certified Organic essential oils.
  • A Minnesota-based company, our dedication to working with Co-ops and independent retailers has made Veriditas a leading essential oil line in the United States.
  • We are the only major essential oil line that does not sell directly to consumers; we send all customers to our retail partners.
  • We do not work with essential oil brokers. Our direct relationships with farmers and distilleries allows us to provide the freshest, highest grade essential oils available in the USA at prices that are up to 30% less than the leading competition.
  • We feature highly effective condition-specific Wellness Formulas.
  • We value education over marketing, and educators share valuable information with your community as our means to spread the word about the amazing allies the plants offer to support our health and well-being.

Our retail partners believe in our company and share in our mission.