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Macadamia integrifolia
Pressing of the Macadamia nuts
Size: 2oz (60ml)

Composition at a glance: Just over three-quarters of mono-unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 9) including the moisturizing palmitoleic acid and oleic acid. About a tenth of saturated fatty acids (palmitic acid).

Color and texture: Very pale yellow oil. Absorbs well.

Smell: Rather strong.

Note: Those allergic to nuts will most likely be allergic to the oil as well.

About: Macadamia oil contains generous amounts of palmitoleic acid, a constituent of cell membranes that, as such,  promotes cell health and mature skin with strong nourishing and hydrating power. It moisturizes skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Macadamia oil is wonderful for foot massages and extremely dry or hard skin. This oil is much appreciated by massage lovers as its texture provides excellent treatment.