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Helichrysum italicum, variety serotinum
Origin: Corsica/ Coratia
Size: 2ml, 5ml, 15ml

For those familiar with herbal medicine, Helichrysum is to Aromatherapy as Arnica is to Herbalism. Put simply, Helichrysum is a must have for first aid, minor swelling, and skin care . You may have also heard of this golden flower by its common names: Everlasting or Immortelle. It has been studied in Europe for its enormous ability to promote healthy cell regeneration and normalize inflammation.

Helichrysum is also a key ingredient in French beauty preparations due to it’s chemical composition which support daily rejuvenation and nourishment of cellular activity. In the US, we’re starting to see it emerge in quality facial care preparations, and we promise you – it is for good reason! Fine quality Helichrysum is a beautiful and organic secret weapon for luxurious and effective skin care routines.

Species and Location:
Of the more than 500 different species of Helichrysum, the only one used therapeutically in medical aromatherapy is Helichrysum italicum. The best Helichrysum italicum is produced in Corsica, a small Mediterranean island off the coast of France. The market is flooded with Helichrysum sourced from Croatia and Ukraine, but the chemical composition of these oils is very different, and so is the aroma. Corsica’s Helichrysum italicum, variety serotinum, contains the highest levels of Neryl Acetate and di-ketones. These compounds are highly regarded for their exceptional regenerative and soothing properties, which is why we always use the Corsican sourced Helichrusm in our Just Plain Relief! and Rose Regenerative Facial Oils.

Production of Helichrysum essential oil is extremely limited on the small island, with just five distillers among its population of 300,000. Veriditas is very fortunate to have a relationship with one of them, a pioneering distiller named Keyserlingk. In 1988, Keyserlingk was the first person to ever distill Helichrysum for its medicinal properties. His artisanal oils are not only organic and ECOCERT certified, but also biodynamic and DEMETER certified. We are very proud to be able to offer one of the finest Helichrysum essential oils in the world.

Constituent Profile:
For superior results, use only certified organic, therapeutic-grade Helichrysum italicum, variety serotinum, from Corsica. The chemical profile includes a high levels of:
Neryl Acetate (over 40%), which nourishes tight muscles and may serve to “unlock” old injuries by bringing circulation and blood flow back in to the region.
Alpha-, beta-, and gamma-curcumenes, which support normalized inflammation.
Di-ketones, which possess superb ability to promote healthy regeneration new cells and tissue.