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Tea Tree

Melaleuca alternifolia
Origin: Australia
Size: 5ml, 15ml, 1 oz

Aromatic molecules: Terpineol 1,4, γ-terpinene
Distilled organ: Leaf

Tea tree is an essential oil that no longer needs to prove itself ! It is found in a very large number of cosmetic (soap, shampoo, bath oil) products. In addition to these applications, it is rightly considered a reliable element of medical and family aromatherapy. Today, enormous demand for Tea Tree has led to the establishment of plantations that extend over thousands of hectares in Australia.

This essential oil should be in everyone’s home pharmacy and can be used for anything you would want to deeply clean such as pimples, scrapes, cuts, the mouth and feet, stubborn skin imbalances and more. Opening a bottle of Tea Tree for the first time can be very surprising. Tea Tree is not an olfactory delight, such as Rose or Lavender. This plant oil is a warrior! Hence its medicinal scent with a hint of pepper. Its remarkable cleansing power has been one of the most researched, documented and clinically proven therapeutic essential oils in the world.